Bose® - the biggest and best name in Audio
Dr. Bose says: "To be better, you must be different"
You know Bose - maybe you have a Bose system in your car, a Wave radio at home, or maybe one of their
noise cancelling headphones.  Bose takes a slightly different approach to audio, and the difference is
Visible too!  Smart Wired Home is now a a Bose
Built-INvisible dealer.  The sleek and elegant design of
the Bose systems can be seen below.  You can still get the tiny Cube speakers, or the Adaptiq in-wall
speakers shown below, and the Acoustimass bass module can now be mounted in a wall, floor or ceiling.

It's not just home theater, it's also about the Music.  Select your songs from the
Personal Music Center II remote (shown at left).

Featuring 2-way radio communication, the Personal Music Center II is able to
display all the information a user needs for control of their system in remote
rooms. Sources can be selected and controlled with the touch of a button.

The PMC II provides complete control of ones music collection via uMusic™
profiles, and gives access to the whole library of music stored on the system.  
With its radio frequency technology and built in LCD screen, it is like having your
entire collection at the tip of your fingers.

Coupled with uMusic™, the PMC II gives total access to your music when and
where you want it!
Integrating Technology into your Life.