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The following customer got a fairly straightforward home theater setup in one room.  We re-used his existing speakers,
VCR, and cassette tape deck (which he may actually use again someday ;-)
What our Customers Say
Our customers range from people who want a single Homer Theater/TV setup to an integrated home entertainment system
that  delivers Music, Internet connectivity, Internet music and video broadcasts to any TV, etc etc.
Our customers frequently say they did not know certain features were available, or that they thought the cost of such a
system would be thousands, if not ten thousands more expensive.
Dear Sirs-  I just had one of your technicians complete my home theatre installation, and I wanted to
let you know how happy I was with the whole cradle-to-grave service provided by SmartWiredHome!

I had a good idea of the components I wanted for my home theatre system initially, but the problem had
been locating the "best" prices on the internet.  So many companies promised "our prices cannot be beat!",
yet they were inevitably out of the product I wanted, or had received less-than-satisfactory comments from
customers.  No such problem with SmartWiredHome.  I told their sales representative my needs, my price
range, and the products I was considering.  He let me know some of the pros and cons of all my options, and
ultimately got me the Sharp Aquous LCD TV and Toshiba Hi Definition DVD player I wanted at extremely
competitive prices, actually costing me less money than I had budgeted for these items!

While I truly enjoyed working with SmartWiredHome to pick out the components of my home theatre system, it
was in their can-do, customer service friendly attitude where they truly excelled.  The technician/installer they sent to set-up
my new home theatre went above and beyond what I expected.  I was able to schedule appointments at MY convenience.
Their installer, Keith, was very knowledgeable about what he was doing, and courteous to me as he explained
what he was doing.  On several occasions, he easily adapted to last minute requests of mine that were not
even related to the actual home theatre installation ("Can you take a look at my DVD player downstairs and
tell me what's wrong with it?", "How do I get better performance out of the stereo in my bedroom"?).  He
was not satisfied until every last detail of the installation was to my liking, and went on to show me
how to operate each and every component of the system.

In short, I was very impressed by the performance by my whole experience with SmartWiredHome.  They helped
me choose just the right components for what I wanted, managed to fit it into my budget, got it installed in
a timely manner, and made sure I was completely satisfied before they left.  I highly recommend their
service for anyone looking to put a theatre system into their home.

Chris R.
Integrating Technology into your Life.