We make it easy to Use
All systems Smart Wired Home sells will have a remote control programmed to operate all the
components with ease.   
We made this policy as a win-win for us and our customers.  We want to be able to teach everyone in
the house how to operate the system quickly and easily, and our customers are happier when things
work with ease.
The remote we use most is the Harmony remote from Logitech (at
right).  This remote is different fr
om most other remotes in that it is an
Activity-Based remote.   You can learn why this remote is different
than the multi-brand remotes you probably already have by clicking

The basic Harmony remote includes the ability to control via
line-of-sight Infrared signals.  To get control without being able to see
all of the equipment and keep the remote pointed at the equipment,
an upgrade to Radio Frequency capability is needed.  This is
especially useful when you want to conceal the equipment in a closet
or cabinet.
When more comprehensive and flexible control is needed, we use Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI).  
This line of products has both Infrared and Radio Frequency capability and integrates hand held
remotes, in-wall touch screens, in-wall specialty buttons and even a waterproof remote for music in
the hot tub.   These are a few of the hand held remotes, including the waterproof one:
Here are a few of the in-wall products, with multi-function touchscreens that can select from your
music library or a specialty hard button which could be used for an 'all on' button as you enter a room
coupled with an 'all off'.   The touch screens range from 3" to 6.4" in size.
The RTI product line provides ultimate flexibility and customize-ability
Integrating Technology into your Life.