We have a couple of
packages to give you
somewhere to start
thinking about your
needs and budget.
One is below, more
coming soon.
You don't need a fortune to make it happen
How we make it affordable
Low Overhead
We keep our fixed costs down by not having to pay rent on a retail storefront, and you get the savings.   
Many of the products we use in our designs can be seen and demonstrated in our home showrooms, so
you can actually see it work in a home environment.
Prices kept below any and all local retailers - with better service!
We keep our prices below places like Best Buy, The Big Screen Store, Circuit City, Tweeter, Myer-Emco,
etc.  We still make a little money, but we don't have to recoup the cost of the showroom, sales staff, large
inventory, etc. etc.  Occasionally they have closeouts and 'loss leader' sales because they know you will
probably buy a bunch of their other high priced accessories and cables.  That 's OK, confirm whether the
limited availability price is really a great a deal before you buy it, then get the rest from us.  Don't save $100
and pay $300 more for the whole bill.
I've heard it before, but where's the proof?
Each home and family has it's own needs, so we can't show every possible combination of systems.  That said, what we
have done is put together a couple of system packages for a 'typical' customer.  The package shows below has much more
detail than our typical quote.  This is to show the savings on each item so we can prove to you the total savings when
purchasing from us.
Basic Home Theater Package
Updated basic Home theater package coming soon.
This system is a very basic 46" surround sound setup with HDTV resolution (720
lines) with a Samsung DLP rear projection TV that is just over a foot deep (13").
It is upgradeable in the future (speakers, future HD-DVD or Blu-Ray DVD, etc.).                
It includes a VERY EASY TO USE remote - click
here for more information on the remote.
The above configuration, if selected, will form the basis for a custom system based on your wants and needs.                

A few of the available options are:                
Ipod integration for music          
Upgrade to a thinline flat panel screen, with or without wall mounting
Select via touchscreen from your up-to-1200 DVD movies by title and genre
Just about whatever you can imagine - challenge us!
Compared products are either identical, or a higher quality Smart Wired Home product is used to compare to the Best Buy
product.  For instance, with the cables, we are not taking high-priced Monster cable products from Best Buy and comparing
them to the cheapest cable we can find to show false savings.  We take their middle-priced products and compare them to
our top quality products - higher quality. less money, better service.  Below you will find pictures of the major components:
Integrating Technology into your Life.