Sample Installations - What we can do for you
Here is a wall-mounted 42" Philips plasma with Infinity in-wall speakers.
This is a customer-specified "Screening Room" that is used by Essential Momentum Group to show
their productions and the productions they are promoting.  It's not your typical home theater, but as we
say, it's all about what you want!
This is a 120" Supernova screen with a Panasonic projector and In-wall Polk LC265i speakers.  The in-wall
speakers have performance enclosures mounted inside the wall to improve performance and reduce the sound
transmission through the walls.
The seats are theater seats, "previously owned" to keep the budget down, and one of the installation
requirements was that the equipment could be transportable to a different location at a later date.
Below are more typical Home theater chairs
More installation pictures coming soon.
Integrating Technology into your Life.