How about a screen that is measured in feet, not inches!
DNP of Denmark has leveraged their rear projection technology to enable front screen projection to reject room and
window lighting and reflect the projected image at double the original brighness (2.0 gain) and with 20 times the
contrast (20:1).  What does that mean?  Well, look below at an image projected at an exhibit in bright lighting.  You
can see the right side of the screen, that 's the Supernova technology.  The left side is a leading competitor - you can
barely see the lady cop's hand holding the gun.  The difference just cannot be overstated!  
Supernova - Huge Projection TV in daylight
If you are interested in the technical details, you can find it all at (you will need to
have a flash player).  

What's the catch?  Well, if you are interested in the best technology available for home theaters, you just need
the money to make it happen.  Below is the retail price list for the Supernova screen:

Widescreen/                                          Frame Type
HDTV Screen Sizes (16:9)           Aluminum | Black
45" Supernova Screen                              979     999
60" Supernova Screen                         1,999   2,059
72" Supernova Screen                         2,039   2,109
84" Supernova Screen                         2,109   2,169
92" Supernova Screen                         2,769   2,889
100" Supernova Screen                      3,779   3,889
120" Supernova Screen (16:9 only)  4,639   4,779

All of the above screens are also available in the historical TV standard aspect ratio of 4:3, except the 120" as

Contact us for a quote on a screen - we have one 120" aluminum frame screen in stock that we can make you a
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