It's all about what you want
Other things you may or may not want
Here are a few things to think about -

Whole House music distribution system
  • Music can be via free-standing speakers or unobtrusive in-wall models.
  • Discreet volume control knobs in the wall allow simple and straightforward control over the sound level in each
  • For more music flexibility, volume control knobs can be replaced with small control panels that allow selection of
    music sources and control over playback (next track, pause, etc.).
  • For more source control, your hand-held remote can select specific songs you want to play, and display what is
    currently playing.
  • Music sources can include satellite XM/Sirius radio, FM radio, Internet 'radio', Ipod or other MP3 player, your
    music library/playlists from your computer, and of course old fashioned CDs, tapes and records.
Key Benefits
  • One music source allows for listening anywhere in the house (or outside the house).
  • No components required in each listening area beyond a volume control and speakers
  • Can be a single selection for the whole house, or different audio in different listening zones

Door Intercom from any Phone (a feature of some Whole house music systems)
Find out who is at your door from any phone, or see who's there from any TV!

Imagine you are in the rear of your house, or maybe in the back yard, relaxing and listening to the audio distribution
system we installed for you. Someone comes to the door, but you can't hear the door bell!  Will your invited friend end up
leaving, thinking you are not at home?  Many of our whole house audio solutions can be configured to mute the music
when the doorbell or phone rings.  Once you hear the bell, pick up any phone, hit  # D (for Door), and have a two way
conversation with whoever is there.   

Depending on your individual desires, we can incorporate a "Buzz-to-enter" capability for increased security. Don't want
to reveal whether you are home?  Tune any TV to an unused channel (we'll configure it) and see who is at the door
without saying a word.  You can then decide if you want to 'doorbell screen' just like you can screen your phone calls
using caller ID.  It's your decision to make if you think it's rude or not ;-)

Whole house paging from any Phone!

"Honey, it's time for Dinner" or maybe "Turn the TV down I'm trying to Sleep" - the message you want to give is up to you.  
Hit  # P (for Page) and send a message throughout the house for your spouse to (for example) get the door or phone.

It all depends on what your individual desires are - we can get as comprehensive or lightweight as you want or your
budget dictates, and keep it all easy to use.
Intruder detection with notification to you and/or a monitoring service who call the police.

Video surveillance with internet monitoring, it's all up to how comprehensive you want to get.

Lighting Controls - on/off and dim controls to make your home look lived in when you are away, shut down for the
night, etc.

Thermostat Controls - drop the temperature when you leave, bring it up before you come home.  This can be via
timer, and this can be overridden with internet or voice control commands from your cell phone.

Irrigation Controls - Automatic lawn watering systems can be self contained, or integrated with other home
controls like the lighting and thermostats.
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