Who We Are
To deliver easy-to-use technology solutions that make your life easier and more fun.

Our Challenge
To integrate the technology unobtrusively into the home, creating a high "Wife Acceptance Factor" (WAF) for the new
capabilities.  Or goal is to make our solutions easy for everyone in the household to use, and blend into the decor of the
home. If both partners can use our solutions, are happy with how it looks, and are happy with how it performs one of our
major indicators of success has been achieved.
Who and what is Smart Wired Home LLC?
Our Mission
Smart Wired Home LLC was founded on the notion that you don't have to spend big bucks to have quality technology in your
home.  Whether it is a home theater, music throughout your home, computer networks, or home and lighting controls - you
can have it, and we can make it work.

Key Personnel:

Keith Harmon - With a degree in Computer Information Systems, a former Information Technology Director, former
Computer Programmer and Database Administrator, Keith brings a lot of technology experience to the table.  As a musician
and audiophile, he has a long history of installing and configuring audio/video systems, all the way back to being the head
of the tech crew for his high school auditorium.   Keith is a gadget guru that can figure out a way to make most anything

Matt Friedman - Matt has a degree in mechanical Engineering and in MBA in business operations.  Matt enjoys designing
whole home integrated systems that are transparent to the end user.  Simplicity of operations and blending components
into the environment are what makes the home theater business interesting.  His penchant for gadgets and adoption of
leading edge technologies is constantly allowing us to bring new designs to market.

Patrick McNeil – Holds a Mechanical Engineering degree with an emphasis in Design.  Patrick also holds Microsoft’s top
Networking Certification (MCSE+I), and with his extensive networking background, is drawn towards the maturing area of
integrating computers with home entertainment systems (i.e., a Home Theater PC or HTPC).  Patrick also has a long
history with automobile audio systems, and brings this audio experience in the mobile environment into the home.
The Legal Stuff you don't care about
We provide the knowledge and expertise in the latest technologies so you don't have to do endless research and testing to
find out what technologies work together and how.  

We are committed to providing an easy-to-use product at a reasonable price point.  All of the products we include in our
designs are at least 10% below manufacturer’s suggested retail, which reflects our commitment to let you get more for
your budget dollar.  After all, the more capabilities we can provide you with, the happier you will be, and the greater the
chance you will tell your friends about us!

We keep our  "Home Showrooms" up to date with the latest  technologies; some of them work out, and some of them
don't.  That's why we test them in a real home environment over time.  Does it work initially? Does it flake out over time?
Does it integrate with the other home systems?  How easy is it for non-technical family members to use it?  This ensures
we have quality products to offer, lets us play with the latest gadgets, and keeps our overhead low.
What we are about
Smart Wired Home is a Virginia Limited Liability Corporation, is registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and
also licensed by the state of Virginia to collect Virginia's 5% sales tax.
Come see what we can do for You!
Smart Wired Home has two by-appointment-only home showrooms, one in South Alexandria (Mount Vernon) and one in
East Falls Church.  
Contact Us to make an appointment and see what a digital lifestyle is all about.
Integrating Technology into your Life.