It's all about what you want
Technology can make your life easier if it is designed, configured and installed well.  
Everyone in the house should be able to play their own music, watch High Def TV
with surround sound, play DVDs and record shows to watch later and/or skip
Most people think Home Theater means a dedicated room in their basement with no windows.  Of
course, we can provide that, but that's just one of the many options.
At Smart Wired Home, we integrate the technology into your lifestyle and make it fit with your decor.  Just
take a look at some of our sample installations in Kitchens, Family Rooms, bedrooms.

We can design and install a variety of wired and wireless technologies for the home.  Custom tailored
packages can include HDTV home theaters, whole house audio, paging/front door intercom from any
phone, security systems, irrigation control, and thermostat/lighting control.
Why Bose?
Bose is the most
widely recognized
audio brand, and for
a good reason: their
great sound!  See
Bose is coming
to Smart Wired Home!
You'll use it because we make it easy to use
See how we fit
with your Decor
to make it blend in
Integrating Technology into your Life.