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Music throughout your house
How do you listen to your music?  Radio in your car?  XM or Sirius Sattelite radio?  One CD at a time?  iTunes
and iPod?  If you are comfortable with any of these, we can 'take it up a notch'  to keep the familiar way you do
things and make it work in more areas.
Once we have a convenient way to select the music you want to hear, we can distribute it throughout your
house and outdoors too via wires or wirelessly.

But I don't listen to music at home like I used to
Keeping your CD collection together and organized is a pain, and you don't want to listed to en entire CD
anyway.  If this sounds like you, you might like the Bose lifestyle solution that learns from the songs you play,
making suggestions.  If you know about the Tivo thumbs up/down ratings, this works similarly.  If you have
your music organized on your PC, we can link up your computer and stereo wirelessly and let you select
playlists and/or Internet radio stations from a remote control that lets you know what is playing right on the
mini-display in your hand.

HDTV is here - for us, there is no other type of TV and surround sound is standard
Just like mono gave way to stereo, stereo is giving way to surround sound for soundtracks.  The phone rings
on the left, the gunshot rings out from behind you, and the rumble of the jet flying by is not just heard, but felt.
You can set it on the floor, put it on a stand, hang it from the wall or project the image from your ceiling to a wall

With our latest in projection technology, you can have a huge front projection screen that works well in a high
light environment.  Learn more about the
Supernova Screen that makes this possible.
Do you have a bookcase full of DVDs that you want to be able to pick and load form a menu?

We can advise you on how to approach a DIY project, or let us work with you to determine your needs and
design a solution for you.  

After you have a coherent design of products that will complement each other, the installation to fit the home
is important.  However, it is critical that the various components are configured to work with each other, and
any remote control(s) are programmed properly to make your new systems easy to use.  Remote controls are
one of the most important devices in the system.  Find out more about how
easy to use it can be.
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Integrating Technology into your Life.